Design consultancy

We offer dedicated designs to your requirements, the pricing and quoting for designs is structured in the following categories.

Outright design ownership: this is where a potential customer commissions a design and owns that design in it’s entirety. The customer is then free to reproduce the design for as long and in any quantity as they like. This provides the best option for designs that are going to be manufactured on a large scale.

Royalty based design: this is where we undertakes a study of the feasibility of a design and it’s worth and on it’s sole discretion may or may not undertake a design whereby the design work remains the ownership of Martins Electronics but a royalty based production licence is granted.
This method offers the greatest flexibility for companies that either need to minimise risk or design charges on a new product.

Martins Electronics aims to provide a flexible approach to design work, so for an informal chat contact us today.


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