voyager probe
voyager probe


NASA has a bunch of its 3D models up on GitHub, and if you didn’t know about it before, you do now. It’s a ridiculously large download, at over one and a half jiggabytes, but it’s full of textures and high-resolution models of spacecraft, landing sites, and other random NASA ephemera.

Not all of the models are in formats that we can read — maybe some of you can? — but there are STL files galore in the “3D Printing” folder. These include a printable Curiosity rover, the famous 3D-printed ratchet wrench, and more. That said, this is a collection of random tidbits rather than a complete catalog, so some things that you’d like may just not be there. In other folders, you’ll find textures that’ll be useful if computer modeling is more your thing than printing.

There are also terrain maps of the various Apollo landing sites, so if you want to fake your own 3D-printed moon landing, you’ve now got what it takes.

DataRaze – Auditable Data Destruction On Demand

DataRaze secure audit-able destruction of hard drives, memory sticks and phones
DataRaze secure auditable destruction of hard drives, memory sticks and phones

DataRaze has been designed and developed to overcome and eradicate recurring and damaging incidences of data breaches.

Placing secure and auditable controls to mitigate risk of such incidences, directly under the control of those who created and own the data, is indeed a giant leap forward.

DataRaze is now directly in the hands of IT and Security Professionals, who remain accountable for any potential daily data risks. They can now, at last, be confident that an effective ‘ chain of custody’ is a real option.

Almost 100% of data breaches occur due to weak or ineffective internal processes and controls. Company policies written to cover data security and compliance continue to demand greater scrutiny and evidence from auditable data destruction. Demands and concerns from Stakeholders and Shareholders alike continue, as they also become increasingly aware of the damage to their image and collateral positioning, affected by such issues. Data theft is reported daily from organisations both public and private, then immediately forced to find a future proof solution.

As the cloud and outsourcing of IT Managed Services becomes a preferred practice, data and asset management controls are even more crucial, to protect businesses and individuals privacy and intellectual property.

Most believe they have it ‘wrapped up’ but they haven’t. What DataRaze brings to the market is a secure, auditable and user managed solution, to enforce internal control of assets holding critical and confidential data.

Secure internal processes can now be written around DataRaze, eliminating unnecessary multiple exchanges and storage risks, of media holding such critical data.

Data Controllers have NEVER had this opportunity to comprehensively manage, monitor and record all occurrences of secure data destruction, before DataRaze.