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BMW E53 retro fit bluetooth, seamless intergration to existing audio system

Want to answer phone calls and stream music via bluetooth to your trusty BMW but dont wont to ruin the stock looks, well we have the ideal kit for you. a complete retro fit system adding the ability for you beloved X5 to fully utilize bluetooth streaming and giving full functionality of steering wheel controls to change tracks, answer and make calls.

for full details and pricing please contact Martins Electronics Ltd below.

Gainclone, Audio Amp

What is a gainclone? Well a few years ago back in the late 90’s a relatively unknown manufacturer 47-Labs released the “Gaincard” which received excellent reviews in music magazines and alike. It immediately caused controversy because it was based around a power amplifier IC (Integrated Circuit) that only cost a few pounds, yet a typical setup would cost you a couple of thousand.
It was not long before people (the DIY audio electronics man in shed type) started to copy the design and add little bits here and there to improve things, these copies of the Gaincard were appearing on internet sites and discussion forums around the globe and soon the name Gainclone was given to it.
Typical designs are based around the LM3876 and similar IC’s from national semiconductor and only require a handful of external components. For this reason the Gainclone is ideal for audio hobbyist and DIY’ers. We has put together a collection of files and components lists in kit format available on our products page.

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